On April 3 Webe tested for his AKC trick dog titles. Thank you CGC Evaluator Nita Gandara for doing the testing and Branda Weidner for doing the video.

Webe was wound up, and as you can see adds his own “splash” to everything. He can’t give a kiss unless it’s a full face wash. He loves backing up and was getting too excited and barking. “Push ups” take on a new meaning with his rise from down to sit – he’s part Kangaroo for sure.

Poor Weebs, you’ll see him head to his crate and then hesitate TWICE, when it came time to set up for another level I found the cones I’d carried in from the car in his crate still there – so the poor boy had to share his space – LOL. Bad handler!!!

Webe’s full and official AKC name plus titles (not yet including AKC tricks as that doesn’t start until May 1) is IntlCH Dunham Lake Sticky Beak RE CGC RL1 ATD PKD-N W-FD/HTM W-FD/MF W-PFD/HTM



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