Let’s take a look at two of the most popular methods of RAW FEED your pets. BARF Biologically Appropriate Raw Food vs PMR Prey Model Raw.

Barf diet is based on a mix of raw meat,fruit and vegetables.
Barf diet is commonly made up with 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, 5% other organs
Certain vegetables give dogs energy and protein
BUT there are some vegetables and fruit we didn’t know our dog couldn’t eat, make sure you do your research!
Dogs don’t really NEED vegetables or fruit but dogs do like to eat them everyone once in a while
If your dog isn’t getting the nutrients it needs then vegetables and fruit come in handy
This diet does sometimes include kibbles but only a pinch most likely.
Most dogs actually LOVE fruits so instead of feeding them kibbles as treats you can feed them healthy FRUIT as treats

BARF diet is good for the dog because they are getting the energy and power from the raw meat and the bonus nutrients from the vegetables

Prey model diet

Prey model diet is a full on raw feeding diet.
It is recommended because you know what your dog is eating!
A dog can pretty much live on this diet.

Feeding your dog raw food is easier for weight control
It can be really expensive or cheaper compared to kibbles depend on your source.
There is the bacteria problem so it is best to clean the food your feeding

It can be a ton of work mainly because its not best to just chuck your dog and entire carcass like they used to.

This diet will actually provide your dog a shiner and better looking coat
If you are feeding your dog kibbles if switch to this diet you will notice that your dog has a LOT more energy
It’s reasonably safe judging that all the wild dogs eat raw meat
But with kibbles, with all the flavours and different companies you just don’t know what your feeding your dog.
BUT raw bones do include this element named phosphorus.
Phosphorus is a nonmetallic poisonous substance which can be deadly and harmful if received too much.

This diet is all you need to keep your dog healthy but i would still give my dogs a little fruit and vegetables every once in a while



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