Another Hamster Rescue for our Foster Home. In today’s rescue video there was two Syrians in a tiny cage, coexisting together when they’re suppose to be solitary creatures. Besides poor husbandry, we have a problem with the hamsters upon receiving them. I wish people did their research first before bringing a pet into their lives. It’s selfish to let an animal suffer or to go through some ordeal because an owner was being careless. So please take this rescue story as a lesson to always do your research before getting a living creature. Bon-Bon and Cloud are happy and safe now for the time being.
CORRECTIONS: The cage Bon-Bon and Cloud came with i accidentally measured incorrectly. I measured it originally as 10×13 but i accidentally measured the length in feet + inches on accident without paying attention. So the cage actually measures at 22×13 which is 286 sq inches. PLEASE BE AWARE i did not do this on purpose. I don’t realize or slow down sometimes to notice, so TY for those kind people who questioned me instead of being mean about it. I appreciate it and now you know. Ty!
CORRECTION 2: The metal wheel i mentioned i’d use for gerbils is only to be used as a backup wheel. I have no Gerbil safe wheels at this time since Gerbils are hard to find in my area of rescue. I realize now that not everyone will agree with why i’d keep it, however i’ve not personally had a problem with these wheels for gerbils but i’m aware i wouldn’t be using it for long term if it was ever to be used for an emergency. Ty.

Want to help out our foster home? We have an amazon wishlist to help with our current intakes. Feel free to check it out for items we constantly need like bedding and food:

My Foster Home is about rescuing, rehabilitating and placing the animal in a well matched home. I learn about their personality, their needs and try my best to place them in a forever home once they’re ready to leave. Fostering is temporary and tho i may get attached, there will always be a helpless animal out there who needs a place to go, so there will never be a foster fail because i want to have as many foster children as possible, because that’s how many animals I’ve helped in my lifetime. Why not consider fostering yourself? Get involved and see for yourself what it means to be a Foster Home.

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