– Is a 75 gallon large enough for an Oscar Fish? Grow your Oscar fish out with these hikari food sticks. They are larger in size and get your water less dirty when eating. Here is a link:

Hikari Food Sticks:

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Do we need to run wavemakers in Oscar tank? No but it can help to keep particles suspended longer to get sucked up by the filter. It’ll also work the same as an airstone by helping to agitate the surface and airate the tank more. Not needed but they love swimming in the current and it helps with turning the tank over. Oscar’s naturally live in shallow flood lakes and slow moving tributaries not a fish that needs current.

Have got one 6 inch Oscar and one barramundi. I feed them both hikari gold. The Oscar obviously is a messy eater and I’d say about 9 times out of 10 he spits bits out into the water, but I always see these floating around. They look like the food has spores coming out. Just wondering if anyone’s seen these before?

So quick question fishy people.. how do some of you manage to grow large plecos while keeping clean and healthy water and your Oscar eats EVERYTHING! Even if you try to drop algea wafers in a particular spot they always seem to find it.

I started this tank with an Oscar, 1 rainbow shark, and a featherfin catfish. Unfortunately they ate the fins off the catfish and it swims around kinda helplessly. But I recently added a pleco and besides it getting chased around a little I don’t want it to starve lol. The pleco doesn’t really wanna come out now tho and explore because of the Oscar. Kind of sucks, I hope when I move in a couple weeks redecorating the tank will make them less Territorial.

Make sure the Oscar gets plenty to eat and maybe give the tank a longer period with the lights off to help the pleco adjust. I try to keep the lights off for awhile when I add new fish to any of my tanks. I feed my plecos when I turn the lights out. I give one algae wafer to the Oscar to distract her and then put another back where the plecos like to hide. I only feed them about 2 or 3 times a week.

I have 2 plecos around 12 inches each and 1 Oscar around 14 inches in a 125g. The Oscar does nip at the plecos if they come out during the day but they seem fine otherwise. Well the featherfin I have only came out at night too because he had good hiding spots, but either the Oscar or rainbow shark ate all the fins off of him! And all these fish are all 4 months old.

My Oscars aren’t interested in the algae wafers, and I drop them in right before I turn off the light for the night. The pleco doesn’t move much during the day, but he’s very active at night. I have another tank with two small Oscars in IT can I mix silver dollars with them or angelfish OR WHAT WOULD BE BEST.

Yea Oscar and silver can usually become best friends lol my doesn’t even pay attention to them. I hand feed my pleco to make sure my two 8” Oscars dont steal it. But thats cuz I dont want kids and consider my pets my children instead. So they are very spoiled. We have 2, Ben and jerry, about 10 inches now and my husband chops up tilapia and it sinks to the bottom and they love it. They also eat wat my Oscars don’t finish- brine shrimp, blood worms, dried shrimp.



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