Koivet.com is an old fish health and disease site, been open since 1997 or so. It has a lot of various resources including videos of all the parasites, downloads, articles and even a mailing list / newsletter. A good section in Koivet you might like is www.koivet.com/pondcrisis which takes a person through the 20 steps to fish health, in article (printable) format. Also common resources are there: www.koivet.com/resources
Dr Erik Johnson’s Koivet.com web site.

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Need fish Diseases info by experienced fish vet and author Dr. Erik Johnson, to make you a success in the diagnosis, treatment AND RECOVERY of pet fish? All the How’s and Why’s & more. Videos of all the parasites, bacterial infections, viruses, environmental conditions.
Links to use:
My book: Koi Health & Disease 2: http://amzn.to/2z66H9n
https://koivet.com/traumatized_kid.html (A funny one)
I offer free consultations to the top ten Youtube fish hobbyists/businesses so they can help get the word out about fish health.

My address: 3100 Roswell Rd #113 Marietta Georgia, 30062
Where to get a professional consultation: http://koivet.com/help
Quick questions, free. Fax to 770 973 0301



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